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      Figure 1 Book Breaking India


                                                                                                                                                                                                            Figure 2: book being different

FIGURE 3 Photo graph from the book of a very important quotation by bishop of verden Dietrich von nieheim Bishop of Verden De Schismate Libari iii, A.D. 1411

Dr. T.N.Ramachandran D.Litt commented…“This book drove, the last nail into the coffin of the Aryan Invasion theory” that remains the corner stone of every shade of Dravidian politics in Tamilnadu even when the theory has been busted.  When this book was still in manuscript stage I got it from my editor; took the manuscript to TNR  and read it over full, as he had then underwent an eye operation. He gave a lengthy blurb, which was reduced to just two sentences by Rajiv Malhotra and published it on the reverse jacket.   

The book that brought great expectations….. “Breaking India”

When I heard that Rajiv Malhotra was about to publish his book “Breaking India”, in December 2010, which I have been tracking for over an year from various sources and with much veil of secrecy thrown over it and some of the scholars (whom I cannot name here) who were earlier approached by Rajiv Malhotra told me that not many came forward to give their endorsements to THE book. Some, due to the political nature of the contents of the book, and that would upset the existing apple cart in Tamilnadu’s Dravidian politics driven by an Ideology hitched to the theory of Aryan Invasion and politically upheld by vested interests. The book’s impact on Dravidian Politics in Tamilnadu and backlash worried many scholars. Getting an endorsement became very difficult for him. It is important to understand the milieu under which I approached Dr.T.N. Ramachandran for the reasons disclosed below: 1) as he was an expert In Saiva Siddhanta, that was under continuous attack by Christian Missionaries, for over 100 years, which we understood, was exposed in “Breaking India“, and 2) he was recognized as an expert in classical Tamil, by the official Tamil establishment of the ruling DMK regime in December 2010. We in Hindu voice decided to obtain that blurb for ‘Breaking India’.

Dr. T.N. Ramachandran, D.Litt, is an internationally recognized scholar in Saiva Siddhatham, an expert in classical Tamil and English. He also has to his credit the translation of the hagiography of 63 Tamil saivite [Nayanmars] saints from classical Tamil into English. He has translated some of the corpus of saivite canonical works called the Thirumurais into English. He has received the highest award from Government of Tamilnadu in appreciation for classical Tamil. Innumerable Indian and foreign scholars have benefitted from his knowledge and patronage. Many have been his students for research into philosophy. He is full time Director of the Institute of Saiva Siddhanta Research.

Sri Aravindan Neelakandan did remarkable work as co-author of that book, despite his young age; he understood the nuances of Dravidian Politics and the Impact of colonial theories that played havoc in the Tamil minds. A brilliant mind and the most cosmopolitan culture that produced great savants like Thiruvalluvar, Kaniyan Poongundranar, Avviyar, Elango Adigal, Thirumulur, Nayanmars, Alwars, Sekkizhar, Kambar, and Bharthi also produced one of the most wretched bands of thugs. They ruled everywhere from politics to cinema to TV and Press, leading one the greatest civilization to rotten gutters. I decided to support this book fully. It was timely though delayed by some 50 years. In one of the book club readings “I said if this book had come some 50 years ago, this would have changed the Tamilnadu Politics and history”.

My association lasted for six months from late December 2010 to June 2011.I met him only once during his book release on Feb 2011 in Chennai. He gave me complementary copies of 20 books appreciating the work. These were put to the very best use to promote the book further to well known, Book Clubs, Readers Clubs, Book Editors, Editors of Niche magazines, Famous Spiritual Magazine like Vedanta Kesari, Kumudam Jyothisham, Some Colleges and Groups that would welcome young writers like Aravindan Neelakandan for presentation to their students and staff. Slowly the momentum picked up and main stream magazines also commented and some even ventured to write namesake reviews all at a time books are contentious issue and sets off the short fuse to volatile political reaction,  when there was an anti-Hindu regime that bore down heavily on Hindus at all levels. These were the ground level realities.  Though I talked to the top most man, it was difficult to get the book reviewed by any news paper like ‘The Hindu’. I utilized my time, resources, money, efforts, and envisaged a model for promoting Important Hindu Books like “Breaking India”, and that positioned the book where it stands now. In another event I mentioned “this book drove, the last nail, into the last coffin, of the Aryan Invasion theory”. I moved heaven & earth to get one book review by an eminent reviewer, and ultimately got one from Dr. Prema Nandakumar, the eminent Aurobindo scholar in bologi.com, and also arranged for a book review session in her book club, where it was reviewed by an ex US state department official Mr. Srinivasan and Aravindan were present during the entire session and answered the questions.            Dr.TN.Ramachandran stated “Breaking India” came with great expectations and accepted that it drove the last nail into the coffin of the Aryan Invasion Theory”.

I was not associated with the Tamil version of Breaking India, which came out recently I heard it evoked sharp response from the Dravidian side, who organized a meet exclusively for rebutting the main thesis of the book, but in the process ended up as jokers who managed to bring out small disheartened pamphlet, of a deflated ideology if not defeated. One cannot understate the Role of Sri Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan in breaching the impregnable Dravidian fortress. It is a matter of time before it falls of its own accord. But nothing prevents the Dravidians from going back to their beliefs! It is also unrealistic to expect the old-timers to renounce the beliefs so easily as imported ideas are entrenched in their minds and they are conditioned & cannot be officially de-re-conditioned.


Mean while Sri Rajiv Malhotra came out with the new book “Being Different”, it greatly augmented my curiosity. I did not attend any of functions organized by Rajiv Malhotra for “Being Different” as my priorities had changed over the past six months and was different in November 2011. I found his book received adverse comments in the Haindava Keralam forum from e-mail warriors. Dr.Vijaya Rajiva gave a critical review of Rajiv Malhotra for hobnobbing with Prof Francis Xavier Clooney SJ of Harvard University’s Divinity department. This was followed by sharp response against Rajiv Malhotra by Sandhya Jain, Radha Rajan, and Thamizhchelvan followed by a critical remark  by Dr.Koenraad Elst who called them “Lazy Hindus”, finding faults with the great work that Rajiv Malhotra was doing who was ‘engaging the west’. Rajiv Malhotra rubbished these critical remarks as the work “jobless Housewives”. There were NRI sycophants of Rajiv Malhotra who supported him to the hilt.


As a regular book collector, and critic and member of some of the oldest book clubs, I ordered through flip-cart.com, two copies of “Being Different “and that took an extraordinary time to arrive. Over the months I went through the whole book in detail, and presented my conclusions to Rajiv Malhotra himself, in February 2012. Sri Rajiv Malhotra did not rectify or accept the same and tried to evade the issues and personally abused. Later, I published the short book review in Hindu Voice March, 2012. When the editor of Hindu Voice wrote an e-mail to RAJIV MALHOTRA, to be fair on his side, and asked him to give a rebuttal; RM insulted him also, but did not give a rebuttal.


Checking back, I found in his famous essay Wendy’s Children, syndrome, RISA Lila, Feb 12, 2006, Malhotra had a robust criticism. However in ‘Being Different’ he is praising Wendy Donigher in page 182 “as a leading authority on Hinduism” is atrocious. There are many authorities in India on Hinduism who question Wendy’s knowledge on Hinduism. She can be put on trial in magistrate court and cross examined for her knowledge on Hinduism. She wrote a highly damaging book on “Hinduism an Alternate History”, that received wide spread condemnation from Hindu Communities across the world in particular the United States of America. I found many such anomalies, which I mentioned in discussions.

The veteran editor of Panchajanyam asked a very pertinent question: “Did Rajiv Malhotra have any control over the production of his book? The honest answer i/we could give him was “I really do not know”.


 All these observations were recorded in my FIVE part guna-dosha Pariksha in the truly Indian tradition of producing a grantha, when a grantha, after it was written, [but not put in the public domain by the author, before it is accepted, normally it was put to close examination, in the pure Indian traditions, of literature and philosophy called ‘Pariksha’ or exam, that comes very much before the final graduation day. There are many parikshas before one became vidyarthis, leave alone a Vacaspathi, which comes after many public debates. This is just the preliminary stage, before the book gets wide accepted and recognized as such]. Unfortunately Sri Rajiv Malhotra had already published it without, scrutiny or assessment or correction by right minded Hindu Scholars.

To be objective and fair we in Hindu Voice are bringing out an exclusive interpretation of RAJIV MALHOTRA’S WORK FROM THE VETERAN SCHOLAR DR. TN.RAMACHANDRAN that thrashed out threadbare the fundamentals of Christianity and Rajiv Malhotra’s approach to dialogue with Rev father Francis Xavier Clooney S J. The discussions lasted over twelve hours in four sittings on four occasions between 16.3.2012, 27.3.2012, 8.3.2012, and 12.2.2012.

He has vast experience in the field HINDU STUDIES, guidance and translation scholarship. Earlier he was highly empathetic with Breaking India. Now his views on “Being Different” are very pertinent. He adds lots of material to the damage done by missionaries to his school of Saivism. This is indeed a longish interview, and a supplementary examination to the ‘summary of criticism’, of Being Different, by me, which was published in Hindu Voice, dated March 2011.

[HV Denotes Hindu Voice, the Interviewer, and Dr.TNR.denotes Dr.TN.Ramachandran, who is the interviewee & R denotes Rajiv M denotes Malhotra]


Correspondent                                                                                                                         P.Deivamuthu E




“When the existence of the church is threatened, She is released from the commandments of morality. With unity as the end, the use of every means is sanctified, even cunning, treachery, violence, simony, prison, death. For all order is for the sake of the community, and the individual must be sacrificed to the common good”.

-Dietrich von nieheim Bishop of Verden De Schismate Libari iii, A.D. 1411

– Arthur Koestler, quoted in Darkness at Noon”- by translated by Daphane Hardy, Time Inc, book division 1962.



He Commented on a wide range of subjects: The Second hearing, the book that drove the final nail into the coffin of the AIT, Breaking India:  Definition of Sanathana Dharma, Dharma Categories, Self Realization not for all, M.K.Gandhi, why Rajiv Malhotra is quoting from Gandhi and not from Vedas prominently? Clarification on Ekam sat, Buddhism affected Hinduism and weakened India, A visit to Srilanka to understand the problem, Indian Community Bible, Christuvtava, Islamtva, Greeks and Romans, Rishihood is a threat to Vatican not Historicity,  Don Mario Mazzolini Excommunication from Vatican, on Clooney’s parrot, on A.K.Ramanujam, on pope’s condemnation of eastern yoga, hijacking Hindu concepts, calling off the bluff of Clooney, devastation of the indies, American holocaust, V David. E. Stannard: Dominus Jesus initiative, Christian piracy, Dwajasthambam, quotes Emily Zola, the worst form of idolatry against Christianity, Luther’s table talk, American judge Joseph wheless on forgery and frauds in Christianity, Interfaith dialog, Vatican Protocol N.802/69,List of books on christianity,1400 years history of Islam ,  Dangers of IFD, Dialogue is a new weapon, meaning of Jesuitical, on the bogus interfaith dialogue, Buddhism, Present day Srilanka, Ethnic cleansing of Hindu Tamils by Buddhists, Jesuit Spirituality, History books, George Orwell, MK. Gandhi, Dancing Jesus, Comparative Theology, G.U.Pope, Churches as Temples, Back door entry to Interfaith dialogues, Mary clothed in sari, How can we have dialogue with forgerer and frauds, Pious frauds systematized as Theology, Jesuit yoga, Bible is it a word of God?, Hindus are sinners, Martin Luther, Sharia law, Islamic theocratic State, with many rare 100 +year photos from archives; Clooney the deux machina, Challenge for open debate with Clooney in India, ‘Being Different’ and when will civilization reach its perfection?

Hindu Voice: Rajiv Malhotra on the inside of the front wrapper of his book ‘Being Different’ says: “he is reversing the gaze by repositioning India from being observed to the observer and looking at the west from the Dharmic point of view”.

Dr.TNR: Regarding Dharma categories, mentioned by RM….It is a misfortune that the name Sanatana dharma is no longer in use even in India. The nomenclature ‘Hinduism’ is a poor and even misleading term. Santana Dharma means dharma which is eternal and everlasting. There is no synonym for Dharma in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Latin, Greek, German or other European languages. Neethi is also a word which has no equivalent term in the European languages.  If you read F.W Ryder’s translation of the pancha tantra, you will be convinced of the facts mentioned above. ‘Reversing the gaze’ is a self stultifying concept, it is ultimately the idea of ‘history-centrism’ on which it is based.

“History it seems is not so much a record of past events, more a catalogue of preferred beliefs, expounded by people who have vested interests”. George Orwell in his famous novel ‘1984’ observed, “History is always written by the victor and whoever controls the writing of History books controls the past”.

“Without doubt, the most consistently powerful source in the western world over the 2000 years has been the Roman Catholic Church and history has often been what it wanted to be”. He refers to Page 2 of “The second messiah” written Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas”.

HV: The author highlighted “that while unique historical revelations are the basis for western religions, ‘dharma’ emphasizes self realization in the body here and now”…

Dr.TNR: ‘Self Realization here and now’ and achieving ‘nirvana’, ‘nibbana’, ‘arihanthood’, ‘Buddhahood’, ‘jivanmutha’, ‘kaivalya’ state, are prescribed by certain schools of thought, not by all. A majority of Hindu sampradhays especially non-Advaitha schools “do not emphasize on self realization on the body, here and now “as the body will die one day and their search was after this existence, after living a Dharmic life as prescribed by their traditions, and reach the respective worlds of their ishta deities”. There is a world of difference between yogic, mystic, tantric, and kundalini based traditions and their modern offshoots like Integral Yoga, TM, Kriya Yoga, Shakthipad, which depends on energy to be transferred , chakras to be opened and kundalini to be awakened by one’s own individual efforts and Guru’s grace.


In devotional traditions such practices are abhorred and even condemned as unnatural, unethical, unachara, and considered as vamachara or unclean left hand methods. Temple worship is encouraged and a balanced view of life, family material and spiritual objectives are met, with intellectual pursuits. It is not world negating and not thrill seeking with psychedelic drugs, which many foreigners hope to get out of Hinduism. This is not the purpose of Hinduism. Hinduism is wholistic and does not develop aberrant tendencies including those drug induced states as some of these modern cults do. These are self-serving at best psychological states. Hinduism is not self serving. It is meant for common good and good of mankind here and now and also here after. Doing their prescribed duties and absolute surrender to personal diety is necessary in these devotional paths. Moksha will come automatically if one follows Dharma, in this life. Moksha after one death is preferred by most is called videha mukthi.

HV: Regarding M.K. Gandhi. He is viewed differently, with new research bringing out controversial data, [“Gandhi and the eclipse of the Hindu Nation”, by Radha Rajan], even though he is a world renowned figure, sometimes, he is considered anti-Hindu. Some even consider him anti- India [“Gandhi was Dharma Drohi and Desha Drohi” by Dr.K.V Sitaramiah].

HV: Rajiv Malhotra in page 2 quotes from Gandhi, instead of the Rig Veda: the world’s oldest religious text, nor does he quotes even from the Upanishads, which makes me uneasy. Is he seeking acceptability from the west? That he is relegating Vedas to secondary position, in the contents section and not to any major headings or title or even sub-title or even a quote? He for that matter quotes for a while that says “Truth is one paths are many”.

Dr.TNR: The paths refered by the Vedas are the paths prevalent in those days in Bharat, and their acceptability of the Vedas as the supreme authority. Ekam Sat Vipraha Bahuta vadanthi refers to the paths that existed in those days. It does not refer to Islam and Christianity. At the time of the Vedas these religions were not even born! It is ridiculous to say that Vedas gave recognition to those still unborn religions!

HV: RM says Buddhism emanated from India and did not involve colonize local cultures of other lands nor was it repressive of the past [page 15].

Dr.TNR: Buddhism did affect Hinduism and weakened India. A visit to Srilanka will educate RM as to the real nature of Buddhist rule and how it eliminated Hindu Tamils in our own times. Buddhism plus Politics was a dangerous concoction. Though Buddha renounced politics Buddhists did not. The highlight of ‘Breaking India’ was the racial divide, the ethnic war, and the ethnic cleansing of the Hindus by the Buddhists there. This has come to be wrongly projected as Tamil-Sinhalese problem. How come this fact has been obfuscated in ‘Being Different’?

HV: Hindu Voice published an article exposing the catholic Community Bible as ‘breaking news’ some three years go.

[Though RM quotes from his own ‘Breaking India’; Reference 25 page 33, that originally mentions Hindu Voice, but that does not get reflected in “Being Different”. The credit of original story, and also the photo credit, goes to our correspondent, who first exposed the dancing Jesus, with the write up which appeared in Hindu Voice and later published by Iswar Sharan in his website of course with due credit; The picture of dancing Jesus was taken from the pages of the Indian community Bible, that was published by the Mumbai Arch bishop, but was not made available to the public by them. But this material was made available to the readers for the first time, but being Different does not furnish the source].

The Picture of Jesus has moved from the traditional mooring – the one who suffers, to the Indianised Jesus assuming the Tribhanga pose, characterize by Lord Krishna playing the flute.

In a public meeting in July 2009 after interfaith dialogue, in the presence of TV cameras the Arch Bishop of Mumbai, Oswald Gracious openly lied to the press, to a question from the editor of Hindu Voice. He boldly lied that he was not aware of the ‘Indian Community Bible’ that he himself had declared openly in the previous months ‘after “18 years of hard work”. When we procured a copy of the bible paying Rs 1000/- we found ‘the pain and trauma on Jesus’ face have been replaced by ‘ecstasy and Joy’ normally associated with Krishna, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu or Nataraja. “Jesus is shown surrounded by Hindu musical instruments, traditionally used in Bhajans along with Tabla, (drum), and ‘jalra’ [cymbals] at his feet”. With an alteration to the biblical text on the opposite page: “he is dancing with Joy appears on the facing page”…Rajiv Malhotra obfuscated the exact source of that information.

Dr.TNR: but for the expose’ in the Hindu Voice the photo of ‘dancing Jesus’ some three years ago, [and that was also re-published in Arsha Vidya news letter  ] and that was put on the web by Swami Devananda Saraswathi, and later published in the book, “Catholic Ashrams Sanyasis or Swindlers”, [Voice of India Publications, 2010 edition], the world would not have come to know the sham of the Indian community Bible… and the illegitimate nature of the inclusions made from Hindu scriptures into the Bible?

Hindu Voice: Yes indeed sir, it was our material that was put to good use in the above Para of ‘Being Different’ page 32, and the due credit has not been given to the original investigator of the fraud.

HV: RM writes “In western liberalism, regions, diversity does not enjoy the same place as racial and gender diversity. Religious tolerance is disrespectful of difference”

Dr.TNR: These are grandiloquent, high flaunting, words which serves no sense.

HV: RM Criticized Hindutva Ideology: “It is for political and reactionary, and they have adopted some western approaches to difference such as emphasis on a unique history”.

Dr.TNR: What about Islamtva and Christuva…?

There are aspects in Hindu History that transcend Human Mind, especially semantically conditioned mind, bound by western idioms and Anglo Saxon, mosaic mindset-there are also Historical aspects, that run parallel, and one cannot deny this totally.

HV: In Page 51 RM says: Hindu rulers did not pursue the serious study of the Europeans on Indian terms….

Dr.TNR: The Greeks and Roman learned many things from India and not vice versa.

Hindu Voice: Two questions please: Page 82: “When Buddhism permeated much of India’s population…

Dr.TNR: The present day Srilanka is the example for the damages that Buddhism could do and what they did in India too.

HV: In Page 84 RM says “Christian authorities regarded any Rishis or Buddha type of state a threat to its historicity”

On what authority does RM say it – it is a self serving statement. Rishis are a threat to Vatican and threat to Christianity and not to historicity!

Sri Satya Sai Baba was considered the greatest threat to the spread of Vatican Christianity in India, and the priest from Vatican, Rev.Don. Mario Mazzolini was excommunicated from Vatican for having accepted the teachings of Sri Satya Sai baba –Editor Rajiv Malhotra does not have anything to say about the Impact of such saints on

the west in the book .

Figure 5 above: A Book by Rev.Don Mario Mazzoleini for which he was excommunicated by the vatican

HV:  A reporter Thamizhchelvan writing in Vijayavani, website Dec 9th 2011 parroted Clooney: “Wikipedia says his current projects include an introductory volume on comparative theology and a study of Yoga and Jesuit spirituality (whatever that means)”.Declaring SriVaishnavism to be parallel to Roman Catholicism, with similar depth, breadth, and wholeness, he [Clooney] adds”:

“I have several book projects in mind, including more work on the Srivaishnava Bhagavatha Visaya, certain songs and commentaries compared with medieval Christian commentary on the biblical Song of Songs. I have also been doing research on the Jesuit tradition of inter-religious learning in India, and may soon have something more to write on that.”

Dr.TNR:  This is what Clooney wants. We do not know who this writer is? The writer is giving free publicity to Clooney. Thamizh is parroting Clooney. Going by his name we do not know whether he is a Hindu or not? Christians often keep neutral names to confuse their identities. Thamizhchelvan throws expression casually; this has become the trend for dangerous journalism – that prevents the reporter from going into the crux of the issue. Writer Thamizhchelvan was quoting Clooney with flourish, in the article- where he is supposed to be hitting Clooney with hard questioning, “On what Bhagavada Vishyam means”? Or what Jesuit spirituality means? Or what was Jesuit oath?  But blindly repeating what Clooney said elsewhere he became Clooney’s parrot. The Clooneys love this! They love this mindless idiocy of Hindus and their lack of knowledge of their own traditions, even if it is a smattering one? But the surprising fact is they are not taught how to ask tough questions to white skinned VIPs like Clooney. This is the curse of Indian journalism. Bad journalism spreads faster in the present day world. Is it not the duty of Thamizhchelvan to find out the veracity of the statement before passing on the trash through World Wide Web as informed criticism? It is like blind leading the blind, spreading falsehoods about Hinduism. Here in the absence of informed criticism & Truth has become the casualty. When our civilization is under attack, Thamizhchelvan is giving free advertisement to Clooney!  Sri Vaishnavism has nothing in parallel to Roman Catholicism which is an alien cult. It is a fantastic bluff. I wonder whether Thamizhchelvan has a Tamil-Christian agenda. There is always a Christian angle, you know to every Hindu issue. Every journalist plays knowingly or unknowingly into the Christian hands. Did he apply his mind before spreading the Clooney’s bluff in the internet?

Recently a German Scholar asked me what Sanatana Dharma is. I told him it is Federation of faiths based on Vedas. He got it with a aha! Tamil Srivaishnavism is Vedic religion it is hailed in Sri Suktham, Sri Narayana Suktham, Purusha Suktham, of the Rig Veda. In the Upanishads one can quote from Taittreya Upanishad, Mahanarayana Upanishad, and Kaushitaki Upanishad among many others has its scriptural philosophical and from Upanishads, Brahma sutras, Karma khanda, Gnana khanda and the Gita. It has got its Parameswarasarasamhita given by Parasara that define the worship of Vishnu. Narada has given us Pancharathra agama. There are specific Agamas Pancharathra and Vaikanasa agama for worship of Vishnu.

In the 18 puranas and important ones like Bhagavatha Mahapurana, Vishnu purana extol the worship of Narayana. The concept of ‘Saranagathi’ has its hoary origins in the Gajendra Moksha found in the Bhagavatha purana and Vishnu purana. The elephant Gajendra was rescued from the jaws of a crocodile by Narayana. Again when Prahalada was persecuted by his demon father Hiranyakasipu, he was routed by half- man, half- lion incarnation Narasimha. Narayana came as Sri Rama when Ravana ruled the kingdom of lanka.

The tradition goes back to Ramayana, when Bharatha takes back the padukas (sandals) of Sri Rama back to Ayodhya where he ruled for 14 years has been mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana ( 1v 130.52-53-54-55-56 and (Vibhishana Saranagathi) when he sought asylum with Sri Rama.)

Valmiki Ramayana extols the Saranagathi of Bharatha to Rama and the padukas that he carried with him from forest to perform padukas Pattabishekam and rules for 14 years. When Vibhishana the younger brother of Ravana did Saranagathi to Sri Rama abandoning his Asura brother the concept of Saranagathi very much existed. Mahabharata reminds us when Sri Krishna uttered those immortal words “giving up all religions/ dharmas surrender to me alone” (ma mekam Saranam Vrajah) in the Gita. Sri Vaishnavism believes in karma, reincarnation, Punya and papa and all Hindu gods though its supreme god head and the ishta devata is Narayana who the Vedas celebrate as the supreme Vedic diety which every Hindu invokes during achamanam ritual be it a saivite, sakthite, smarthite, or a madhawite, by invoking the following divine names:


Achutaya namaha; ananthaya namaha, govindaya namaha; Kesavaya, narayanaya madhavaya, govindaya, Vishanave, madhusudanaya, trivikramaya, vamanaya, sridharaya, hrishikesaya, padmanabhaya, damodaraya.

This is repeated by Hindus all over the world before any ritual, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Kandahar to Kambhoja or California to Canberra.

Every dasanami Sanyasi and Sankaracharya who signs any document or letters officially on the authority of Sriman Narayana by endorsing in the name of Narayana smrtihi…

Where is the similarity with Roman Catholicism? Which is an alien cult born out of forgeries?

The ‘Sri’ in Vaishnavism denotes Sri or Lakshmi. Lakshmi denotes prosperity, Divinity and Aiswarya. She also denotes the best of nature, land resources, strength, good people, health and good rulers. The two elephants that stand guard to her the gaja Lakshmi motif which you will still find in from of the main doors made by mundane carpenters, is derived and as old as Vedic hymns of the Sri Suktham of the Rig Veda-where is the origin and how can Clooney make that nonsensical claims? Does he want to resolve the tribulations that his religion has got?

Where is the worship of female deities allowed in the Christian Trinitarian concept or even in the Unitarian concept? Clooney is talking about Song of Songs of king Solomon’s song in Old Testament.  Where is the Old Testament for a Jesuit? Officially He follows only the New Testament? Pope John Paul II has condemned yoga and eastern meditations in 1994.

In the year 2000 the pope also described Yoga and eastern spiritualities as anti-catholic. Where is the question of practicing of yoga by a Jesuit? What is Jesuit yoga? Is it something like the mysterious ‘Jesuit oath’ which does not exist according to Jesuits except in the minds of anti-Catholics, especially Protestant creation?

In fact Clooney should be exposing more about Auto da Fe’ – a term taken straight out of history; it actually refers to the ceremony accompanying the pronouncement of judgment by inquisitions, which was followed by the execution, of the condemned by the judges. The Vatican and Francis Xavier Clooney must pronounce an open apology for the inquisition tribunal that was initiated by Francis Xavier, who is called a Saint by the Christians, functioning in Goa for 300 years and that murdered thousands of Hindus in inquisitions!

Using his good offices and connection with Vatican, Clooney as thanksgiving effort to his Srivaishnavite teachers, he should release the documents from Lisbon and Vatican. Hindus will appreciate that thousand times more than his comparative studies; instead of joining the list of the likes St.Francis Xavier, and Robert De Nobili, who are detested by Hindus. Let him choose a better model for himself!

HV: RM in Page 95 goes out of the accommodate Christian interests: “Even the great manuals of devotional practice, such as Thomas a’ Kempis’ ‘Imitation of Christ’ and the work of ‘Francis de sales’ are out of favour, that few Christians know them”

Dr.TNR: The author is echoing Prof Clooney and giving free publicity to his work a Comparative Study on Vedanta Desika with Francis de Sales. Do the main stream Christians especially scholars know the value of Ramayana and Mahabharata, these two form the backbone of our civilization. Vedanta Desika was like the Sun, while a de sales was caught between the Catholic Protestant wars in Europe and his ultimate surrender was like that of firefly. Where is the grandeur of ‘Daya Satakam’ [of Lakshmi] of Desikan’s works? Hindu Goddesses occupy a venerable position and even higher than the male counterparts. Anywhere is such status given for Mary in Christianity?

HV: In Page 131 Rajiv Malhotra speaks about A.K.Ramanujam in approving terms and quotes from his works …[there was the recent controversy on ‘many Ramayanas’… and his text was removed from Delhi university syllabus…]

Dr.TNR: A.K.Ramanujam is not a Theologian. He never practiced his faith. He married a Christian lady. He never lived as a Hindu. He had a smattering knowledge of Hindu literature.

HV: RM calls Bible… Smrithi…

This is nothing but hijacking of Hindu sacred concepts for survival

HV: Regarding Alien religions how they are viewed by Vedic dharma!

Dr.TNR: Sanatana dharma is founded on the Vedas, Upanishads, Brahma sutras, agamas Ithihasas, puranas and sastras. The meaning of atheism is entirely different from the definitions put forth by alien faiths. He is an atheist who does not believe in the four Vedas. One may believe the Vedas and may argue about the non-existence of god. Such a person is not an atheist. Conversely, one may believe in god, but not in the four Vedas, such one is an atheist. From Hindu viewpoint adherents of Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism and Buddhism are atheists. The adherents of these faiths are disentitled to talk about Sanatana dharma.

HV: What are debates? Why we have to be careful with Christianity!

Dr.TNR: of the three Abrahamic faiths, we have no quarrel with the followers of Islam as a true Muslim does not mince words. What he believes in he proclaims with authority. It is not so with the Christians. Jews do not bother Hindus,  Christians are destroyers. When they colonize they kill the natives, their faiths, culture and everything. Are there any Red Indians today?

[See: The Devastation of the Indies, translated by Herma Briffault and American holocaust by, David. E. Stannard; these books are in print].

[Again Christians will do anything to uphold their religion. Falsehood, Chicanery, Strategy, will be committed by them. Inculturation is one such thing that has got official sanction from Vatican and Clooney is head of Dominus Iesus initiative.  They copy Hindu Temple motif like Dwajasthambams. In short it is modern day Christian piracy! They build a Church like temples and add Dwajasthambams. This is the worst form of Idolatry against Christianity!]

HV: Regarding the concept of sin and savior… Hindus are called Sinners by Evangelists…in every sermon…

Dr.TNR: Picks out a passage from:“Pope John Paul II  on eastern religions and yoga – A Hindu Buddhist rejoinder by Ram Swarup, voice of India, New Delhi, 1995 , and reads out the following from Page 49: “Sin and savior are related ideas. One reinforces the need of the other. Sinful men need a savior, and a savior needs sinners. Martin Luther also solved the problem in another and novel but psychologically significant way – by giving a sinful man a sinful savior. He tells us that “Christ committed adultery first of all with the woman at the well…secondly with Mary Magdalene, with the women taken in adultery”….[Martin Luther’s table talk, 1472 quoted by Peter. F. Wiener in his book Martin Luther]. “He says the same about the Christian saints and apostles. “The saints must be good downright sinners. The apostles themselves were sinners, yea, regular, scoundrels…I believe that the prophets also sinned grievously”… it is so reassuring to the sinful man that if he is not like his savior, his savior is like him”.[It is Advaitha in reverse. If one cannot be like one ‘s god, one’s god is like him]

Figure 4 Martin luther the founder of protestanism is no saint. he sent to gallows 100,000 [one hundred thousand jews], yet he is condeming the vatican jesus christ and christian saints in the most abusive way foot note from a book [Martin Luther’s table talk, 1472 quoted by peter. F. Wiener in his book Martin Luther]. “He says the same about the Christian saints and apostles. “The saints must be good downright sinners. The apostles themselves were sinners, yea, regular, scoundrels…I believe that the prophets also sinned grievously”… it is so reassuring to the sinful man that if he is not like his savior, his savior is like him”.

Figure 5: A Dwajasthambam in front of the mylapore church chennai installed in june 2011, at a cost of six million indian rupees that triggered a major controversy in the public on hindu temple motifs being openly plagirised by the church under control of vatican – yet ANOTHER VISIBLE proof of inculturation –that is seen as cultural vandalism – spiritual piracy -through architectural bootlegging.

The CHURCH Plagiarized Sacred Hindu Temple architecture – a Dwajasthambam, which has its origin in the Yupa Stamba of the Vedas, Installed in front of Santhome Cathedral, Mylapore Chennai, in June 2011 ; this has been the source of controversy .

HV: Why foreigners are keen to drag Hindus into debates…as we have nothing to debate with them and in religion they do not have debating cultures?

Dr.TNR: One who does not know what Dharma or Neethi is incompetent to write about Sanathana Dharma. Persons of alien faiths often write about Hindu dharma solely with the view to create damage–physical, cultural and social. This is based on my forty years experience in dealing with foreigners. If any foreigner comes with the proposal to study any aspect of Hinduism, always view it with skepticism!

Dr.TNR: The four gospels are not the original gospels. There were more than a hundred of them. These were destroyed to make way for the four present day gospels. Even these four underwent hundreds of alterations and changes. The Vatican is the worst forgerer. Read “Forgery in Christianity: a documented record of the foundations of the Christian religion”- Joseph Wheless, also read his work “Is it God’s Word?”Joseph wheless towards the end of his book quotes famous author Emily Zola who says: “Civilization will not attain its perfection until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest”.

Forgery in Christianity: “ Being crafty, I caught with guile…for if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie unto his glory, why yet am I also adjudged a sinner” –St.Paul

“What Profit has not that fable of Christ brought us”—Pope Leo.

“Pious frauds of the theologian been thus early systematized and raised to dignity of a regular doctrine”-Edward Gibbon chapter 7.lardner IV, p.91, diagesis p.27.

Figure 6 joseph wheless on the bible “is it god’s words and contents of the book. pagan frauds-christian precedents-page 8; hebrew holy forgeries page 45; christian scripture forgeries page 91; the saintly fathers of the faith page 128; the ‘‘gospel” forgeries page 172; the church forgery mill page 238; the triumph of christianity page 295; index page 406.

Photo/ From the content page of the book:

“Is it God’s word” by Joseph Wheless

HV: Regarding interfaith dialogue.

Figure 7 interfaith dailogue in mumbai hindu spiritual leaders seen with vatican representatives sri jayendra saraswathi seen with papal representative and their indian representatives also seen with the secretary of mr. lk advani, standing behind the photographer is mr. sudhenndra kulkarni.

Dr.TNR: It was a Stratagem for effective cultural damage! It was set in motion by Vatican Directive Protocol .N.*802/69* dated April 25, 1969, where in twelve points of Inculturation were permitted in India. The strategy of dialogue was designed by the Vatican. They do not want to have any dialog with Muslims! Hindu society has been sufficiently damaged by the Britishers. So the attempt is to hoodwink Hindus of the upper strata. Such Hindus are neither conversant with their own scriptures nor with the Scripture of Christians. A normal Hindu is unprepared for any dialogue. On the other hand Christians are well equipped…well trained. They choose well known Hindus and flatter them and give them the due publicity and recognition which they crave for and involves the conversationalist to agree with them by well planned steps. Ill equipped Hindus fall prey to such Christian attacks. Dialog is a new weapon in the hands of Christians. A fairly well known Hindu will be lured by them by more means than one!

Interfaith dialogue is full of landmines as seen from the following episode. When Jagadguru Kanchi Sankaracharya was invited by papal nuncio in 2009 in Mumbai, for interfaith dialogue organized [within the closed door context and selected small group of Hindu Swamijis] that did not involve all the stake holders Hindus, in any way, and it also did not also involve the Indian State, and the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha , the only names sake organization that represents in the context, the collective Hindu interests , it was largely a Vatican exercise, and a one way street, and but for the last minute intervention by editor of the ‘Hindu Voice’ (Mumbai based monthly), only saved the day for Hindus, and the Poojya Sankaracharya, from issuing a statement, that could have JEOPARDISED THE HINDU INTERESTS AND GONE in favor of the Vatican. (Hindu Voice, 8/2009). The Vatican diplomats are experts in such back door exercises.

Figure 8 the first smartha dasnami sankarachrya who sat with the vatican representative on 12th june, 2009, MUMBAI, reported hindu voice july 2009.

 HV: what are the Prerequisites and background knowledge of such participation?

Dr.TNR: before venturing to write a book comparing Sanatana dharma with any Abrahamic faith, the person should have read the following works:

1] Jesus never exited by Kenneth Humphreys.

2] Vicars of Christ by Peter De Rosa.

3] The end of faith by Sam Harris.

4] The Vatican’s holocaust by Avro Manhattan and other essays.

5] Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris.

6] Misquoting Jesus by Bart D.Ehrman.

7] God’s Problem [how the bible fails to answer our most important question –why we suffer?] by Sam Harris.

8] Jesus Interrupted by Sam Harris.

9] Papacy: Its doctrine and History by Sita Ram Goel.

10] Pope John Paul on Eastern Religions and Yoga –A Hindu Buddhist Rejoinder by Ram Swarup.

11] Jesus an artifice of aggression by Sita Ram Goel.

12] Islamic imperialism a history by Efraim Karsh, Yale University Press, USA, 2006, ISBN 0-300-10603].

HV: Christians call Hindu scriptures works created by Satan…and how can they make comparative studies?

Dr.TNR: Satan is an agent of god. He is not his enemy. Read the origin of Satan by Elaine pagels. Satan is presented by the main stream Christianity is more potent than god. The Christian god cannot destroy him. Read the Gnostic Bible by Willis Barnstone and Marvin Meyers.

HV: RM says “a Muslim Jati can have sharia as jati Dharma for internal matters”…..

Dr.TNR: Alright if it is practiced in an exclusive Muslim country like Saudi Arabia and not in a Cosmopolitan country like India…

Half of the glorious Hindu Civilization was annihilated and 80 million Hindus killed…Approximately 270 million non-believers died over the last 1400 years for the glory of political Islam [Source: Bill Warner, The Director for the study of political Islam-Front-page magazine 5th Feb, 2007].

Let us study in brief the History of Islam in the words of very famous Muslims. (Sic)

“I was ordered to fight all men until they say there is no God but Allah” [prophet Mohamed’s farewell address March 632 AD].

“I shall cross the sea to their Islands to pursue them until there remains no one on the face of the earth who does not acknowledge Allah”. [Md. Sultan Saladin 1198 AD].

“We will export our revolution throughout the world…until the calls “there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah are echoed all over the world”. [Ayatollah Ruhotollah Khomeini 1978].

I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no God but Allah, and his prophet is Mohammed. [Osama bin laden November 2001].

[Source: Islamic imperialism a history by Efraim Karsh, Yale University Press, USA, 2006, ISBN 0-300-10603]

HV: Regarding M.K.Gandhi…

Dr.TNR: Gandhi is no doubt a great Man, he alone can practice what he preached-his greatest disciple Nehru was an atheist. This speaks volumes of Gandhi’s failure…

HV: Regarding Clooney…

Dr.TNR: He is a Jesuit in action…you know what Jesuitical means? What happened when you found out those Jesuitical meanings! The Vatican sees India as the last mine of the sacred. Hence it wants to copy and infuse that spirit into Christianity. Clooney wants to infuse the spirit of Nammalwar’s “Thiruvaimozhi” into Christianity.   It will take 25 years to understand Tamil that he says he translated! We must have a debate with him in classical or if not Vaishnavite paribhashai!

HV: Rajiv Malhotra says “Facilitating change has always appealed to me. I prefer working with those who challenge the status quo and the monopolistic mechanisms”. Page 39 Wendy’s Child Syndrome.

Dr.TNR: Did he follow what he preached with you? He has flattered Wendy Donigher in 2011 that he was criticizing up to 2006!

HV: When we found solid mistakes in ‘Being different’, and wrote to about them, he wrote are you “seeking publicity”! What standards are they? RISA’S standards or Wendy’s children’s syndrome?

Dr.TNR: He is a fallen critic!

HV: It shows who is in Dialogue with whom… Can we stand for debates or dialogues with religions born out of forged documents?

Dr.TNR: “Dialogue is a new weapon in the hands of Christians. A fairly well known Hindu will be lured by them by more means than one! They took extraordinary steps to have the four Gospels translated into Tamil by the eminent Tamil Poet and film lyricist Kannadasan at the time of translation he was an atheist”.

HV: Do you have any stumble upon with Christian Missionaries?

Dr.Bettina Baumer, an Austrian-German is based in Varanasi. She is good in Sanskrit and Kashmir Saivism. She has ingratiated herself with Hindu scriptures. About 21 years ago she arranged a conference in Dehradun. She invited some 20 scholars for this conference that lasted for six days. The Conference had a theme “ Mysticism in Christianity and Saivism”. As Director of International Saiva Siddhanta research, I presented a paper on Saivite Mysticism. When the conference was over and the proceedings were printed, in a book form, my paper did not find a place in the printed book. When I confronted her, she told me that his English was so rich that even Englishmen found it difficult. However the reason given for omission of the paper on Saivite Mysticism was, it was not received in time. The fact was the paper was handed over well on the very day, after it was discussed and presented.  It was also adjudged the best paper, and appreciated by the participants. When confronted with this fact, she only had an awkward excuse “I am really sorry”. When elegant papers are presented on Hinduism, Christians in Hindu garb never fail to draw an Iron Curtain over them.”

“Hindus believe in their Scriptures Known as Vedas and Secondary ones known as Smrtihis. Vedas are the Shruthis. Smrtihis follow the Vedas and equip the Hindus to adapt themselves to changing times and growing needs. The best way of dealing with the Hindus is to appropriate and hijack those terms which are held in great respect by Hindus. G.U.Pope, protestant priest who translated the Tamil Saivite Holy Scripture Thiruvachagam in 1900 called himself ‘Christuva Veda Sastry’ G.U.Pope Iyer avargal”. See Picture below: He places himself in the centre of the cover of book, as if he won a trophy!

“This Christian Priest founded schools, where Hindus, were educated. If the priest concerned is foreigner, he will be addressed as Durai+Iyer=Durai Iyer. If an Indian Christian priest takes to teaching, he is usually called Iyer. The Bible translated by these parasite idiots bears the name “Parisutta Agamam”.There is no mother goddesses in Christianity but the Church becomes Matha–Kovil. The Church becomes Veda-Kovil. Father Beschi and Nobili wore Ochre robes imitating Hindu Sanyasis and became vegetarians”.  Picture of sacred Thiruvachagam of Manikkavasaga Swami translated by GU Pope.

HV: What are Consequences for Hindu society of such works…?

Dr.TNR: “The danger of such methods can be realized only after some time. Hindu Terms are hijacked by an ‘imitation religion’ like Christianity. After the passage of time ‘pagan Hindus’ [I mean us] they will say “copied from us” – a fairly well known tactic and well documented here and now. But there is no legal check to stop this in India this loop hole is being used by missionaries like Clooney.

I doubt very much if any Muslim Imam will ever accept Malhotra for any interfaith dialogue? Regarding Islam there are very bold Islamic apostates like Ibn Warraq & late Anwar Sheikh who have already ‘reversed the Gaze’ on Islam and made life of Imams difficult, and the life Rajiv Malhotra easier.

Above: Hijacking of Hindu sacred terminology by Missionaries for over 100 years during the colonial times in the absence of awareness among Hindus – in Tamil they named the BIBLE “Parisutta Vedagamam” [pure Veda + Agamam]. {There is neither Vedas nor agamas in the Bible}

After some time, a fairly well known public figure, will be invited in after lots of flattery by to endorse this view, this is what has happened in Rajiv Malhotra calling Bible “Smrithi”

“In Tamilnadu Missionaries took extraordinary steps to have the four Gospels translated into Tamil by the popular film poet and song writer late Kannadasan. At the time of translation he was an atheist. He later became a staunch Hindu and wrote many books explaining the inner meanings of Hinduism to the masses. After his arrival Hinduism got semblance of respectability in the State. After passage of time in 2010 his daughter is reported to be converted to Christianity!”

HV: The author praised Clooney who wrote a book comparing Hindu goddesses with Mary thus: “In divine mother blessed mother, Francis Clooney offers the first extended comparative study of Hindu goddesses and the Virgin Mary” [2005]; “Clooney is almost unique in the field of Hindu studies as a Christian theologian with the linguistic and philosophical expertise necessary to produce sophisticated comparative analysis.” Rajiv Malhotra endorsed Clooney: “Building on his previous work in comparative theology, he [Clooney] sheds new light not only on individual traditions but also on the nature of gender and divine,” page 427.

Dr.TNR: There is no mother goddess in Christianity but the Church is called ‘matha Kovil’ and Clooney knows this! What is Clooney’s Contribution to Hinduism? Nothing why praise him! RM does not know even this basic aspect, what can he discuss with missionaries?

He also does not what missionaries are doing at ground level. He is dealing to some extent in the academic front only. We must thank the workers of the RSS, VHP, and Hindu Munnani, Vivekananda Kendra, Vanavasi Kendra and innumerable Hindu organizations and Individuals for their grass root work. It was Sai Baba’s organization that brought water supply to water starved 100 lakhs plus citizens of Chennai, and not any Christian organization. This is what Hindu organizations are capable of, if given free hand. For this work he /or his organization deserves a Nobel Prize!

HV: Many Hindus have sacrificed their lives to prevent unwanted missionary intrusions into their areas.

Dr.TNR: Yes, take the case of Swami Lakshmananda of Orissa, who was murdered by Christian militia. But for persons like him and the thousands of festivals which keep our masses together. Hence missionaries wanted to destroy the leadership and also sabarimalai yatra last year, by raking up the phony Mullai Periar Dam, the fake agitation coinciding with the Sabarimalai season. It is Keralites who lost business in hundreds of crores as result of stoppage of traffic to Kerala. Ommen Chandy is a bad omen for Kerala and he works with a Christian agenda.

In Tamilnadu they have started the Koodankulam agitation that was funded by missionaries – the agitators who are mostly illiterate Christian fishermen. It is only a matter of time before they will stand exposed by ordinary people.

Some guests arrive, join in the discussion and ask the following questions:

Q: About the Bible…

Dr.TNR: H.G Wells, in the famous outline of world History Volume I, pages 462-463 wrote “It (the council of Nicaea) marks the definite entry upon the stage of human affairs of the Christian church and of Christianity as it is generally, as it is generally understood in the world today”. It marks the exact definition of the Nicene Creed. Constantine ordered and financed fifty parchment copies of the new scripture “holy scriptures”. It seems with the financial element added to the picture, the church fathers able to overcome their differences and finally agree “which” of the holy books would be incorporated and which would be destroyed, and following its true tradition the Indian community Bible has been written with over 100 quotations included from Hindu Scriptures”.  [Quotes are from: Inculturation and the hybrid bible-July 2007, Arsha Vidya news letter.]

HV: Was the Bible, god’s words?

Dr. TNR: The less said the better. He takes out a book and shows “The Bible was not handed to mankind by God, nor was it dictated to human stenographers by God. It has nothing to do with God. In actuality, the Bible was voted to be the word of God by a Group of men during the 4th century” [Robert L. Johnson wrote in the Bible’s ungodly origins”].

HV: Was Jesus a Christian?

Dr. TNR: Admittedly Jesus was a Jew. He was born as a Jew. He never purported to found any religion.

HV: Christianity is the creation of the Vatican.

Dr. TNR: Nobody knows when Jesus was born? What is the origin of Christmas? The holy day set apart for the worship of Mitras was misappropriated for this purpose. Christmas is as true as Santa Claus!

Q: How was Christianity formed?

See for example Thomas Paine in his work the age of reason noted that the very basis of Christianity was founded on “flawed methodologies” For example the alleged taking of the Old Testament Prophecies and claiming them that they referred to Christ who was born some 500 to 700 years after they had been uttered by the Hebrew prophets”. The entity called Christianity was founded on forgery. Joseph wheless an advocate judge in the United States has recorded the foundations of the Christian religion even some 90 years ago.

Q: What happens with a Vision of Hindu God versus a glimpse of Jehovah!

Dr. TNR: Sanathana Dharma inculcated the greatness of the all merciful god. Christianity’s god is the god of perdition-eternal damnation. One glimpse of the Hindu deities will grant Moksha immortality. One glance of Jehovah will lead to instant death.

Q: Regarding Clooney’s role

Dr.TNR: Clooney is like the ‘deux machina’ (the divine intervention) in Greek plays. These machinations are quoted as a case study material for understanding the type of problems faced by Hindus and Hindu Civilization. Hindus do not owe any thing to Clooney, but what has he done in return to Hinduism? He owes everything to Hinduism. In Kerala he was set up to working with Chacko to write a Sahasranamam for kristhu. {Available at Acharya palacakal Jeevas Kendram, Aluva, 683101, Kerala, India, Phone 91-484-2620870) New York: 57-15,61st Street, Maspeth New York -11378-2713 NY, USA, Phone 001-718-416-0773; E-Mail thecmsindia.org}.

Hindu Voice: RM says he has won the debate with Clooney?

Dr.TNR:  Prof.Francis Clooney is a scholar, if he is intellectually honest and if he had lost the debate with Rajiv Malhotra, he must renounce Christianity in the true spirit of Hindu Debates and embrace any sect Hinduism. If he says he did not lose the debate with Malhotra, as an alternative, Malhotra must organize a Debate between Clooney and experts in Srivaishnavism, who will precisely debate every point raised by Clooney in his books, and Rajiv Malhotra must act as a host, and sponsor for the debate, and expert on Christianity. This time the venue will not be any University hall in USA, but a centre for Srivaishnavism in India. The debate will be held in public view. The terms of the debate must be made known upfront by the contenders.

HV: How can we have dialogue with frauds and forgerer posing as religion?

Dr. TNR precisely… when they do not agree among themselves… Dr.Jason Long says in Biblical Nonsense: “The last time I checked out 67% of the world doesn’t believe the Bible is the word of God, and about 45% of the world doesn’t even have the OT in their preferred religion. Consequently how many billions of people do God wants us to kill now? If we are to murder someone who believes in a different god, or a different Interpretation of God, the Jews are to Kill Muslims and Christians and the Muslims are to Kill Christians and Jews and the Christians are to Kill Jews and Muslims. In essence we can’t necessarily fault Islamic extremists for their radical actions because they are obviously following what they have been thoroughly conditioned to believe are paramount unquestionable orders of course , priority would dictate that all these killings should take place after those three religious sects take care of Buddhists , Hindus and members of the minor world religions. Now that God had his own way, no one‘s left alive to worship him. This diety was clearly an insanely reckless inventions with a poorly conceived design” – page 98. Biblical Nonsense by Dr.Jason Long, [I Universe Inc, New York 2005, ISBN 0-595-67074-I]

Q: What about worship of female deities in Christianity and especially Clooney’s book on “Divine Mother Blessed Mother Mary, Abirami”, a comparative study that was praised by Rajiv Malhotra?

Dr. TNR: Sanatana dharma hails the cosmic goddesses, is the magna matter [prakruthi], worshipping female goddesses is a taboo in Christianity. Mary has no place in the Christian trinity. Adds sarcastically, Francis Clooney clothes Mary in a Sari [and Joseph in a dhoti]. What a sorry state of affairs?

Poor RM as a dedicated Hindu-Punjabi-NRI does not know the differences among the South Indian traditions deep enough, and that has come in handy to Francis Clooney, who has exploited this ignorance to the hilt. Clooney has modicum understanding of some south Indian traditions though not an expert… Rajiv Malhotra wittingly played into the hands of persons like Clooney, whose velvet hands conceal….

Dr.TNR: Let not the last stone fall on RM, we pray for his welfare.


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