About Dr.TNR

Dr. T.N. Ramachandran’s history, legacy & his accolades

An unsurpassed scholar in Tamil and English; an acknowledged authority on Tamil Saivism and Saiva Siddhanta; a prolific writer on several facets of Tamil hagiographical literature; a versatile translator of Tamil Saivite Scriptures.” Dr.T.N.Ramachandran is not just a man but is indeed a procession of men

History & Legacy

  • Born on 18th August 1934
  • Parents – Siva Sri T R Natarajan and Srimati Kamakshi Ammal
  • Enrolled as an Advocate of the High Court of Madras Judicature on 9th August 1956.
  • Married Sowbhagyavati Kalyani on 13th September 1956.
  • T.N.R. was one of the nineteen honored during the Birth-Centenary Celebration of Maha Kavi Bharati.
  • The Dharmapuram Aadheenam conferred on T.N.R. the title “Saiva Siddhanta Kalaanidi” in 1984.
  • The Jaffna University conferred on T.N.R. the Degree: Doctor of Literature on 6th October 2001.


  • Recipient of Mahakavi Bharti Award of Tamil Nadu Government in 2009
  • Member of The British Museum & Library (Oriental & India Office Collections)
  • Has participated in Seminars – National, Intra-national and International.
  • Has delivered lectures in major universities.


  • Bharati Siddanta Cemmal
  • Bharati Seer Paravuvar
  • Saiva Siddhanta Kalanidi
  • Sahitya Ratna Dipam
  • Siddhanta Kesari
  • Siddhanta Saiva Semmani
  • Saiva Siddhanta Gnana Desikar
  • Saiva Siddhanta Ratnakaram
  • Gnana Cemmal


  • First visit to London, UK : 1997. Delivered lectures in the Temples and the Tamil Associations at London.
  • Second visit to London, UK : 1999. Also visited Paris and Bahrain in 1999.
  • Delivered lectures in Jaffna and Colombo during October, 2001
  • Third visit to London, UK: 2002. Also, participated in an Internal Seminar on Mysticism held at Avila, Spain
  • Second visit to Sri Lanka: 2004
  • Fourth visit to London, UK: 2009

On all his visits, he delivered numerous lectures on Saivism, Saiva Siddhanta, Tamil literature and philosophy which were well received by the public, especially Tamils.

Private library

Dr.T.N.Ramachandran’s private library contains 50,000 volumes. Researchers who frequent this library have acknowledged that the benefits derived from it is humongous. Dr.T.N.Ramachandran is an acknowledged guide for research students.