The infinite effulgence

The fortune of knowing you,
A mere ten and six years I had with you
many may deem too little,
‘she arrived when twilight was melting into night’, they can belittle

I’m no markanda, holding a covenant with The Lord
For He didn’t grant our company,
everlasting Sodasa.
When Kalaa came for you
I kicked, screamed and cried
Leave him, leave leave him behind-
My world is rich wholly, solely and exclusively because he preside.

The ten and six years I had with you
They passed day by sacred day
Basking in your luminosity.
Like the beacon lamp lit atop the roof
of your bosom friend and neighbour’s Precincts.

Oh neighbour- Brihadeeswara! Why did you deprive yourself
the company of greatness ?
The community of Devasabha ?
Was not your tanjai glittering –
the constellation of Tamil stars
row after row, strung and lit up
like Christmas lights on a snowy night
powered by the electric effulgence
of the One TNR ?

Alas! I see you got greedy
For he warned me of your Infamy
too gluttonous for child curry

You have coveted our greatness to your inner chambers
exclusively to sit, stand and lie beside you,
to Atone with you
Alas! You got greedy- வாழ்ந்து போதீரே !

Forget not that he is His form in this life
Transcending the mundane
Transgressing the moderate
Transpiring the mystical

As my precious ten and six lapse
I hear the sound of his silence
Uttering the Pentad
Like a child ready ahead of all
Packed and excited about the journey to be had
to your abode abroad, he will reach
Conductor kalaa delivered the ticket

The pyre to be our last glimpse
of this effulgence – our TNR
Think not this pyre as ordinary pyre-
it is the ethereal kind
For it brings him directly to You- no nexus
Just the way it is meant to be for a select few.
Along will come inextinguishable light of Saivism- வாழ்ந்து போதீரே!

With the grace of my Guru, grandfather and Guide Dr TNR
Deeply be mourning my loss ⁃Swarnamalya

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